Rio Dulce, Guatemala – EXPECTATIONS

Sitting in our guesthouse in Punta Gorda, in the south of Belize, we are planning our onward travels to Guatemala. It`s raining outside, the sky is grey and there`s nothing really we could explore in this shitty weather, so we decided to dedicate this afternoon to some travel related research.

Punta Gorda is our last stop before entering Guatemala by boat. There are two options, one boat every Tuesday and Friday going into Livingston and daily boats running to Puerto Barrios. As we didn`t want to wait for Friday to come, we decided to take the boat tomorrow morning and then another boat from Puerto Barrios to Livingston right after immigration check, which is roughly 5 USD and a short ride.

We just booked the first hostel for our round-trip in Guatemala and guess where we are going to spend the first two nights! In the middle of the Guatemalan jungle! Majorly excited about all the great reviews we have read and the amazing pictures, we can`t wait to finally get there. The hostel is located right on the Rio Dulce, a big river floating through the jungle between Rio Dulce Town and Livingston. There is endless wildlife to see, untouched rainforest to discover and cayaks for rent to explore the river by ourselves. We are also planning on taking a river tour to get to all the hidden gems.

Being situated on a river in the jungle, the hostel doesn`t provide any wifi – big surprise! Jokes. Of course it doesn`t. However, they have one big dinner table and apparently really good vegetarian options, so it`s the perfect place to get to know fellow backpackers.

We are both really excited and a little nervous about our expectations meeting reality. So this is my „before“ post – stay tuned for the „after“ post and pictures of either our really happy or really dissapointed faces!

Love, Jo ♥

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