From the small town of Bacalar, right in the south of Quintana Roo, Mexico, close to the Belizian border, there are a few ways to actually get into Belize. We decided to take it slow and breath in some fresh island air. The cayes of Belize are a couple of wonderful little islands in the second largest barrier reef of the world. Some populated, some untouched.
Ambergris Caye is the largest of all cayes, situated close to Mexico in the north of the reef. Home to the beautiful city of San Pedro, the island became famous with an old song by Madonna, you have probably all heard before. Since then, the island is popular amongst travellers and widely known as La Isla Bonita.

After 5 days in San Pedro I can say it truly deserves that name! The island is pure paradise surrounded by the shallow tourquise carribean sea and close to many famous diving spots. Palmtrees and the ocean breath make it the perfect place to relax, unwind and find your inner peace. Those 5 days we took it slow, Belizian style, enjoyed the picturesque landscape, worked from a wooden chair at the beach and simply felt wonderfully free.
As our hostel didn`t provide any breakfast or communal kitchen, to get our daily morning dose of caffein, we had to find a place in town. Walking around the already busy streets of San Pedro, after some time, having passed a lot of touristy places, we discovered a cute litimg_20170701_105311.jpgtle cafe, hidden inbetween colourful ads that took away the attention. We went inside and were welcomed surprisingly warm by the owners and the other few guests. At first we felt a little awkward as we had all eyes on us, but we sat down and were shown the board with breakfast and juice options. Of course we opted for coffee and were pleasently surprised – delicious, hot and strong! Just what we need to start our day right. I also chose a veggie omelette and babe went for a vegetarian pizza bagel. The portions looked small at first but were very filling and tasty! We got to talk to the owners, a Canadian couple that opened the cafe two years ago and have lived on the caye since then. They recommended really cool spots to visit and as they also rent out bikes, we decided to go on a bike adventure the following day.
Easier said than done – the road turnt out to get worse and worse the further we got! Cycling is not really one of our favourite activities, however, it can be nice to have a bike from time to time, especially exploring an island. We were heading towards a place called „Secret Beach“, not so secret anymore, but still incredibly beautiful! The shallow tourquise water felt just like a big pool and we enjoyed the calm atmosphere. The bar was a little too pricey for us, but luckily we brought water bottles. The sun was hot and it was nice to jump into the water, sunbath, jump into the water again, sunbath again… that`s basically what we did all morning! Oh, and let`s not forget the one hour bike ride to actually get there, so I think the laziness was well deserved. We stayed until early afternoon and got some fresh fruit for lunch on the way back.

The days in San Pedro went by fast. I could definitely have done with another five but there is so much more to explore! I loved La Isla Bonita and would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to visit in the Carribean.

Getting there was easier than I thought. Read here my recent blogpost about Bacalar and the journey to Ambergris Caye.

After 5 days of relaxation we decided it`s time for reality again and that, to us, means one thing: adventure! We booked airplane tickets with Tropic Air, the airline of Belize, and were majorly excited about the flight. Of course both of us have been on airplanes a million times already, but this one ought to be different. Their planes are tiny and have space for up to 15 passengers only!
Plus, we were to fly over the beautiful tourquise water, see the great blue hole, a very famous diving spot, and never too high above the clouds so the view was supposed to be incredible…

…and it was!IMG_20170703_101356
Definitely the best flight of my life so far! Highly recommended! Tropic Air`s service was incredible. There was free coffee and water at the gate and as we were there way too early, we had to wait for half an hour to do the check-in, so the coffee corner came in handy. Just before we actually checked in, an assistant came up to us to ask whether we wanted to change to the flight an hour earlier than scheduled, like right now basically. We agreed and 5 mins later we were already at the gate with the 10 other passengers walking to our airplane. Our first flight was from San Pedro to Belize City and then a connecting flight would take us from Belize City down to Punta Gorda, stopping at Dangriga and Placencia on the way. Due to the earlier flight we had taken, we got an extra hour at Belize City and were overly happy about the free coffee once again! The crew was incredibly helpful and very easy-going. We had nothing to worry about, our luggage was taken care of and transferred to the connecting flight.

To everyone who is planning to travel Central America – if you ever get the chance of flying with Tropic Air – don`t miss out on it! It was one of the highlights of our trip so far. And no, I don`t get paid for saying that. I simply enjoyed the flight and the whole experience so much, I want everyone to have that. It should be on every traveller`s bucket list, if you ask me.


Have you ever been to one of Belize`s cayes and have great stories or pictures to share? Have you maybe even flown with Tropic Air before and loved it just as much as I did?

I will be offline for the next 2-3 days. Check out my next blogpost (click here) or instastory for more details!

Love, Jo ♥

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