The best thing about working remotely, is to find cute little spots to get that work done. There is no boring white office wall to stare at, but maybe a beautiful horizon instead. Or a pier. Or a bustling street. No matter what, it will defo beat the white wall. I personally love strolling around town in search of some nice cafes or simply a comfy chair at the beach. While writing this, I`m sat at a wooden beachchair looking at the carribean sea with a stunning pier to my right, white sand at my toes and my beautiful girlfriend lying to my left. But back to topic – here are my favourite places in Tulum to get some shit done. One in Pueblo, one at Boca Paila – however, there are a lot more, I just tend to fall in love with a place and the erge to come back every day stops me from finding new places… stupid habit… well, here we go:

Coolest place for breakfast in the centre of town! They have an excellent range of delicious bagels and fruit shakes, tons of vegetarian or even vegan options (find more veggie places here) and good reliable wifi. The tables are big enough for a laptop and they even have big comfy benches shaped like a half circle in case you`re meeting up with other digital nomads. My personal favourite is the fruit combo Coco, Pinapple and Lime – it tastes like a guiltfree Pina Colada! Delicious! Strong coffee and extremely yummy desserts, freshly baked. Great staff and open all day, every day. Three tables outside, good for those damn smokers like me.

This great restaurant at the seafront has an amazing terrace and big tables, reliable wifi and an amazing Lime-Mint-Shake I would die for! Looking at the ocean and palmtrees, for me it`s the ideal place to concentrate, unwind and let my ideas flow. The prices are reasonable, of course a little higher than in town, but for a beach restaurant perfectly fine. They serve fresh seafood as well as a few local dishes and salads. I usually order Guacamole – the perfect food to nibble on while typing away on your laptop. OM is located somewhere between km 7 and 8 on the left side. There`s a big buddha at the entrance and a kiosk just before.


Ever been travelling to Tulum? Or is it still on your bucket list? What places did you like the most? Have you been to Babel or OM? How did you like them? I would love to see your pictures. Just tag me on instagram using my hastag #jotravelholic to share with me 🙂


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