Tulum has a very vibrant, alternative, hippie flair. It`s very bohemian with tons of yoga classes on offer, vegetarian or vegan options on the menu and lovely handmade jewelry.
Even when Mexico itself isn`t really the most vegetarian friendly place on earth, Tulum for sure is one of them. You will find at least some vegetarian dishes on every menu and there are a few good places I can recommend for delicious vegetarian and vegan meals.

El Vegetariano
This on is by far the one I`ve been to the most. Located really close to the big main crossing in town, there`s not a lot of other places (or tourist crowds) nearby and perfectly quiet people-wise. The road is a little noisy but way better than in between souvenir stores if you ask me. Their Chile Rellenos are amazing and nearly everything can be prepared vegan. And they have, for a change, delicious Falafel made with fresh herbs and just really rich in taste. Their coffee is nice and strong and the staff is awesome. They have good wifi, most tables are just a little too small to work from a laptop, that`s why this one is not on my list of work spaces in Tulum, which you can find here. Prices totally reasonable and they cook with fresh produce, healthy and delicious.

This backyard is home to a nice little cafe with a good breakfast, everything can be prepared vegan and their coffee is the best I`ve had in Tulum. The flair is very creative and alternative, they rent out rooms and there are people around staying long-term, so always someone to talk to. They have really cool painted walls and the whole space is very open so perfect to let your creativity run wild. Located opposite the beach, the prices a little higher, but worth it. You will find this spot on the right around km 8.2-8.3 when coming from Pueblo.

La hoja verde
Great vegetarian restaurant in the middle of town, in a side street close to the main road but with less traffic and noise. Their menu offers a wide choice of hearty and sweet dishes, desserts, combo deals and fresh fruit shakes. Most dishes can be prepared vegan, too, just let the friendly staff know. Their interior is really cute, with a chilled summer vibe in tourquise and white. I especially like to look out for their deal of the day. Oh, and you have to try their banana cake! It`s so good!

I already mentioned Babel as one of my favourite places in Tulum to get some work done. I`ve seen a few people here working on their laptops, but most importantly, they have a lot of vegetarian Options on the menu. Not so much for vegans, however they do have non-dairy milk options and delicious fruit shakes. I personally love their bagels! Best ones in town if you ask me. Babel is more the breakfast or brunch kinda type of cafe, like a bistro maybe, and has amazing freshly baked pies and cakes. Not necessarily the best place for a full meal or dinner thing.

Have you ever been to Tulum and discovered some great restaurants for vegetarians / vegans that you would like to share? I`d love to hear your experience. Share with me in the comments or on instagram using the hashtag #jotravelholic ♥

Love, Jo ♥

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